Jesus and her Gospel of Yes

“Jesus and her Gospel of Yes”

Movie Plot

What would happen if God sent his daughter this time, would she find a better reception than her brother did?… “Jesus and her Gospel of Yes ” is a visual and aural collage of ‘spiritual irreverence’ which conveys a humanist and optimistic message. It is a surreal, complex, modern, psychedelic film retelling the life of Christ as woman and leader of the Gospel of Yes. Her nemesis and leader of NO is the trans-gendered Moses…


“Jesus and her Gospel of Yes ” was voted Best Experimental Film in the 2004 New York International Film and Video Festival. One thing is for certain, it didn’t leave people indifferent…

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Director’s Statement

(Alfred Eaker on “Jesus and her Gospel of Yes”)

A Hollywood ‘insider’ once wrote that any film that can’t be summed
within a paragraph isn’t worth looking at. I digress, and feel that the problem with the majority of films is that they can indeed, all too well, be summed up within a couple of sentences or less.

My own taste in art tends towards aesthetically challenging work. I cannot absorb a Kandinksy in a single viewing or Artaud in a singular reading. Boulez’s interpretations of Mahler and the moderns demand repeated listening and consistent re-evaluation. Like wise, one cannot approach the films of Anger, Brakhage, Deren, Ken Russell, or Jodorowski with the mindset of a casual experience. One must look and hear.

My main goal in this, my first film, was to make a surreal collage of
both spiritual irreverence and provocative aesthetics. This film also endeavors to offer a ‘seemingly’ callous commentary on the parody that this religion has become while seeking a goal of optimism (within the religion) by progressively putting on new eyes and new ears regarding the Gospel itself. I approached this film very much in the way I approach painting, as an organic composition. We went through numerous edits, tweaking and re-working the film, which changed much through those edits, eventually becoming the film we now have

Selected Reviews

God’s little girl. A brilliant, visionary film…

Uncle Ernie (original review, Amazon): “A brilliant, visionary film. A must see, like no other film you’ve ever seen. A celluloid triumph, that will go down in film history. It’s not for everybody, you must have a working brain! What would happen if God sent his daughter this time, would she find a better reception than her brother did? Pink and Blue films first feature length film from the people who brought you “W the Movie!” A new religious experience!”

Judgement!!! REPENT NOW! 

V. Roberts (original review, Amazon): The only thing I have to say from just looking at the preview is: BLASPHEMY! BLASPHEMY! BLASPHEMY! And you will be judged harshly by God for using and misleading the children with this ABOMINATION of a project! REPENT NOW! Pastor Roberts in DC! I also put 1 star because the review page gives no option for no stars which it really rates…

Undeniably weird and original to the max…

Kevin Pyrtle, of WTF-Film. (An extract of his Original Review): “Jesus and Her Gospel of Yes” is undeniably weird and original to the max, but its crude brand of no-budget shot-on-video mayhem just wasn’t for me. While I didn’t enjoy it, I have to admire that Eaker was at least trying something new here – a rare thing in these days of utterly barren mass marketed entertainment. I have a feeling that the world would be a far better place if even a hundredth of a percent of the box office earnings from the latest Hollywood action debacle was to find its way into the pockets of the Eakers of the world…

Should be rated XX (Full Men and Women nudity)

Dan (original review, Amazon): “This film is unusual, to say the least. It uses scripture as a theme in Jesus’ life throughout the film. However, it contains segments of full male and female nudity, lesbianism, cross-dressing, etc. How one can feel that combining scripture with such anti-christian/Judaeo themes has left me floored. I am truly disappointed that a Roman Catholic Franciscan Priest would be a part of such trash. While what he says in the movie has merit and while there is some truth in the film , the overall impression left after watching a psychedelic piece of drama with such nudity and foul language has left a very sour taste in my mouth”…

An attempt to re-present the Christian word in a modern humanist light

Richard Scheib (original review, Moria views): “The point that should also be made is that Jesus And Her Gospel Of Yes is not intended as a satire of Christianity per se. Alfred Eaker identifies himself a progressive Catholic and a number of his painted works circle around religious and Biblical themes. Clearly, the film is an attempt to re-present the Christian word in a modern humanist light. For Eaker, Christ represents vibrant life, freedom and humanist acceptance of all persuasions and a refutation Old Testament-proscribed legalism.”

Director’s Commentary

(Alfred Eaker on “Jesus and her Gospel of Yes”)

The film opens with BlueMahler gliding slowly across a watery screen. Behind him is a clock, which reads a few seconds before twelve. Rolling yellow text at the bottom of the screen reiterates the mystery of the foreboding clock; ‘ Ten seconds `til ShowTime!’

We will not see this follow up image until more than halfway through the film, right after the closing argument prosecuting attorney Moses gives in Jesus’ trial. We then will see the repeated image of BlueMahler, the water, the clock, and the rolling text, which then will read; ‘It’s ShowTime!’. The clock is of a spiritual design and therefore does not obey our concepts of time… More