My Cyber Love

A Cyber kind of love, I share with thee.
Although many miles separate us, I cling to you
Across space and time you come to my arms
I hold you close and whisper a lover’s words in your ear
Just out of sight of others we find love where we may
Although we’ve never met I feel I know you
I feel you move to my touch
I hear you cry out my name
Perhaps some day we’ll meet and consummate our love
Perhaps not
We’ll go our separate ways knowing that there is someone,
somewhere that loves us
What more could one want than to be loved by you
A Cyber kind of love I share with thee

(c) 1999 Ernest Stewart


About Alfred Eaker

Alfred Eaker is fine arts painter, filmmaker, and has a masters degree in theology. He currently lives in Portland, oregon with his wife: Aja Rossman-Gray.
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