Thunder-Sky, Inc.

INSPIRATION: A lot of Cincinnatians remember a man dressed in a clown collar and construction hat, walking the Cincinnati streets with a toolbox in tow, a serious expression on his face. He did this for many years, mystifying folks as to what he was up to. The man’s name was Raymond Thunder-Sky. And what he was doing was drawing demolition and construction sites throughout Cincinnati and other parts of the region. Raymond, a Native American with a rich family history, passed away in 2004, leaving behind over 2,000 drawings, and a vast array of clown costumes, construction hats, and tool-boxes. Thunder-Sky, Inc. was founded in order to preserve Raymond’s legacy through exhibits and programs, and to provide an exhibition space and ongoing support for other unconventional artists in the area.

MISSION: To keep Raymond Thunder-Sky’s legacy alive through community-based programs and exhibits, as well as showcasing and supporting unconventional artists like him from the region.

VISION: Raymond Thunder-Sky was a gifted artist whose life and art are examples of unique creativity, ingenuity, and dedication. We believe his spirit and legacy enriches the lives of everyone it touched and continues to touch. As well, his stature as both a cultural and artistic figure offers a valuable opportunity to learn about, and to champion, other unconventional and overlooked artists from across the region.

Interview footage from Channel 9 WCPO Cincinnati.

Alfred Eaker as BlueMahler, at The Thunder-Sky Folk art Carnival, Sept 2010

Press about Thunder-Sky, Inc.

The Thunder-Sky Folk art Carnival, Sept 2010

The First Annual Raymond Thunder-Sky Folk Art Carnival. September 25-26th, Cincinnati, Ohio. Join us and “Get Your Freak On”

Contact details

THUNDER-SKY, INC. is a 501c(3) non-profit art gallery and organization. 4573 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45223.

(513) 823-8914.

HOURS: Friday 6 to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 1 to 5 pm. (Or by appointment).

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