Alfred Eaker as BlueMahler Zombie

Photo courtesy Jen Ring. Make-up Jen Ring and Phil Yeary based off of Eaker’s original BlueMahler design. This was done for an Asylum House promotional short. BlueMahler also made a recent cameo in the Asylum House produced film, “Creeporia: The Movie” directed by John Semper and staring Camille and Kennerly aka The Harp Twins.


About Alfred Eaker

Alfred Eaker is fine arts painter, filmmaker, and has a masters degree in theology. He currently lives in Portland, oregon with his wife: Aja Rossman-Gray.
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2 Responses to Alfred Eaker as BlueMahler Zombie

  1. Russ Bellew says:

    I just read your thoughtful review of “Batman Returns”. I agree that this movie is part of a tradition that began with FW Murnau, Fritz Lang, other German expressionists, and Tod Browning many decades ago. Most “reviewers” never acknowledge that. My guess is that they are ignorant of these masters.

    I love the ambiguity of all four lead characters in “Batman Returns”. To me, this adds depth and humanity to the characters, and allows me to use MY imagination. I keep returning to this movie, probably because its ending is so unresolved . . . and the thought of Selina and Bruce eventually getting together is lovely.

    In general, I’m a fan of most of Tim Burton’s work. He pulled out most of the stops on this one. And in most respects, I think that he succeeded.

    I look forward to reading more of your reviews.

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