Alfred EAKER 'Our Lady Of The Mermaids%22 oil on canvas © 2011 Alfred Eaker“Our LadyOf The Mermaids©2011”Alfred Eaker %22The Annunciation.%22“Annunication”Alfred Eaker %22Pieta%22 2011“Pieta”DIGITAL CAMERA“Shifting Sanctuaries”

DIGITAL CAMERA“Floralia”Alfred Eaker Prelude to a Day of Wonder“Prelude to a day of wonder”

“Stations I-VI”

Alfred Eaker %22Stations VI%22Alfred Eaker %22Stations V%22Alfred Eaker %22Stations IV%22OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlfred Eaker %22STATIONS I.%22A. EAKER Prayer for a perilous descent c.2007 alfred eaker“Prayer for a perilous descent”A. EAKER Escape to a Mysterious Freedom c.2007 alfred eaker“Escape to a mysterious freedom”DIGITAL CAMERA“Blue Fugue”

“La lontananza nostalgica utopica future” (I & II)

A EAKER Risonanze erranti (Resonances wandering)A EAKER Hay que caminar„ soñandoAlfred Eaker 'The Psalmist%22“The Psalmist”

“Modern Spirituality” I – III.  (Mural for St. Vincent de Paul). First is painting of John XXIII walking through the world. The second is Fr. Justin Belitz & Fr. Hilary Ottensmeyer. Third is Our Lady of the Woods.

Alfred Eaker %22Modern Spirituality%22  Detail John XXIII , 2000Alfred Eaker %22Modern Spirituality%22 mural St. Vincent de Paul. Detail Fr. Hilary Ottensmeyer, Fr. Justin BelitzAlfred Eaker %22Our Lady of the Woods%22 1994Alfred Eaker %22christ casting the demons into the Swine%22 1994“Christ casting the demons into the swine” Alfred Eaker Christ' Curse of the Fig Tree“Christ cursing the fig tree”

“Scenes from Brother Cobweb” I-III (from the church I grew up in)

Alfred Eaker %22Dancing before the Lord%22Alfred Eaker %22Spiritual%22 1994Alfred Eaker %22Brother Cobweb%22

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