Mary’s Way Of The Cross (23 paintings, 2019)

Combining the traditional Stations with BXVI additions.

1.Christ is in the Garden of Gethsemane

2. Christ is betrayed by Judas and arrested 

3.Christ is condemned by the Sanhedrin

4.Christ is denied by Peter

5. Pilate Condemns Christ to Die

6. Christ is scourged 

7. Christ Is Crowned With Thorns

8.Christ accepts His cross

9. Christ falls for the first time 

10. Christ meets His Mother on the way to the cross

11. Simon of Cyrene Helps Christ Carry The Cross 

12. Veronica wipes the face of Christ

13. Christ falls for the second time 

14. Christ Meets the Women of Jerusalem 

15. Christ falls for the Third Time

16. Christ is stripped of His clothes 

17. Christ is nailed to the cross

18. Christ promises His kingdom to the repentant thief

19. Christ entrusts Mary and John to each other 

20. Christ dies on the cross 

21. Christ is taken down from the Cross 

22. Christ is placed in the Tomb

23. Resurrection of Christ 

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