Sneak Preview: This is the second page of our upcoming graphic novel ‘The Brother Cobweb Chronicles.’ We are proud to announce that the First volume will likely be available in print and electronic editions in the Spring 2021. It follows on the success of our first novel ‘Brother Cobweb,’ published by Open Books Press. Written by myself with illustrations by the incomparable Todd M. Coe, it will surely give you another perspective into the ‘Brother Cobweb’ universe that our readers are already enjoying.

‘Brother Cobweb’ the novel is now available through Open Books Press, Amazon, etc in both Kindle and Print. Click here to have a taste of the kindle version of ‘Brother Cobweb’ and see for yourself if you like it .

As always, comments and shares are more than welcome. Just leave a message, and I will do my best to come back to you as soon as possible.

Look inside “Brother Cobweb,” by Alfred Eaker

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Alfred Eaker

Alfred Eaker is a prolific fine arts painter and muralist, an award-winning filmmaker and film critic, and a traditionally-published author. Following on the success of his debut novel, “Brother Cobweb,” Eaker is currently collaborating with Todd M. Coe on the related Graphic novel: “The Brother Cobweb Chronicles.It will be available in the spring 2021. The audiobook version of Brother Cobweb is also being produced, and will soon be released too.

As an inquisitive American artist, he has always been deeply engaged in social, religious, and political climates. Eaker is currently working on a mural painting entitled “Elvis: An American Hymn.” Through it, Eaker is trying to bring affirming answers to issues of race, integration and hope so desperately needed at this moment in America.

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