Brother Cobweb, visual concepts

Todd M. Coe’s art for Alfred Eaker’s debut novel, “Brother Cobweb”

(By Alfred Eaker)

I am a painter far more than an illustrator per se, and Todd M. Coe — who I’ve worked with off and on for thirty years — is a far better illustrator. Of course, long being an artist, I still could have done the illustrations for the novel myself, so there was a question : do I do it myself, or do I let Todd do it? I chose to holster my ego and make it a better book by having Todd do it .

There are damn few artists I trust, but I have come to trust Todd artistically, so I gave him carte blanche. That worked out perfectly because, in hindsight, I’m too close to it and Todd is full of great surprises…

Some of Eaker’s early work around “Brother Cobweb”

Look inside “Brother Cobweb,” the Novel

Brother Cobweb” is now available through Open Books PressAmazonBarnes and Noble, and all major bookshops and distributors. If you want to understand America today, travel back in time 50 years and witness firsthand the American Religious Right, not as they present themselves, but as they truly are…