From: Keith Banner, Butler County Board of MR/DD

Date: January 22, 2002

The Middletown Fine Arts Center, The Art Thing Project, & Empowered
People with Disabilities present…

When Silence Becomes Singing

…an art exhibit of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and words by
Antonio Adams, Kendra Bayer, Richard Brown, Cheryl Conley, Dan
Dagenbach, Jarel Galloway, Stevie Grueter, Patty Kempf, Pam Myrick,
Paul Rowland, Eric Ryan, Rose Sattler, Gregory Soellner Jr., Raymond
Thunder-Sky, Kevin White, and many others.

It opens March 22, 2002 at the Middletown Fine Arts Center in
Middletown, Ohio, with a reception from 6 to 8 PM. The Middletown
Fine Arts Center is located at 130 North Verity Parkway, and the
phone number is (513) 424-2417. You can also check out their web-
site or the Art Thing Project web-site. The show runs through April
11, 2002.

The artists in this exhibit use their art to let us know who they
are, and to give us a reason to celebrate what we have in common
with each other. Some of these artists are people who have done art
their whole lives. Others have just come to it. The works range from
group projects such as a self-standing mural (done by local high
school students, self advocates, a painter, and a poet), to a
collaborative project done through the mail between two artists who
live in different states (one with a disability and one without), to
innovative, visionary art done by several local self-taught artists.
The exhibit not only showcases beautiful, original art, it also
highlights the connection between making art and having your voice
heard. It is a celebration of silence becoming singing.

For more information, call Keith Banner at (513) 867-5932, Bill Ross
at (513) 587-7271, or email at KBanner333@aol.com.

* Here is another one I found in the Fringe Ezine that I posted there in 2004. I guess I was documenting it.

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